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Abanilla thanks to its climate and the good work of its inhabitants, has come to be an oasis in the Murcian desert. Its situation between Aragon and Castile made it a strategic location during the Reconquest; the festival of the Holy Cross in May evokes these battles between Moors and Christians.

AlbanillaWalking around Abanilla is like going back to the Middle Ages: the monuments lining the streets, its ancestral homes, etc. Numerous hermitages evoke the piety that prevails in this municipality, particularly the Church of San José, the patron saint of Abanilla, which was consecrated by Cardinal Belluga in 1712. Visitors to Abanilla can see the tradition of the town´s water mills and oil presses, the legacy of its forefathers, as if the town were wishing to recover its past. Nature spots include an attractive ´lunar´ landscape, where you can enjoy a pleasant swim in the waters that flow through it.