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Archena area is watered by the river Segura, it is a fertile agricultural settlement at the lower end of the Ricote valley. Considered as the region´s oasis, views are dominated by the rugged nearby mountains.

ArchenaThe history of Archena dates from Iberian times and it has archaeological remains including the Warriors Vase, now in the National Archaeological Museum. Many historians place the origins of Archena in 234 BC, during Carthaginian control of the area. The present site, however, is of Roman Origin as is the name for the town. After the Reconquest Archena passed into the hands of the Order of St John the Baptist until the 19th century, evidence of which is to be found in the church dedicated to the saint.

Its excellent spa baths, in use since Roman times, rounds off Archena´s charm. The waters that spring from the ground at 50ºC have healing properties and can be experience at leisure in the spa complex which offers a wide range of other services. The church dedicated to La Virgen de la Salud (Our Lady of Good Health), the patron saint of Archena, is also one of the town´s visitor attractions and stands within the grounds of the spa complex