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Torre Pacheco

Torre Pacheco's city is situated about 37 km from the regional capital, Torre Pacheco offers good infrastructures and services, including the IFEPA trade fair and exhibition centre, as well as a golf course. Once again, the pleasant climate and scenery and climate of the area make it an ideal destination to take a few days' relaxation in one of the district's rural residences.

Torre PachecoIn an almost totally flat district the only elevation is the hill 'Cabezo Gordo', where a number of native ecosystems of local flora and fauna can be found, especially birds. The hill is also home to an important archaeological find known as 'Sima de las Palomas' internationally recognized for the discovery of hominid remains, tools and animal fossils. A visit to the permanent exhibition 'Proyecto Homo' housed in the former town hall building is recommended.

The manor house and keep constitute the origin of the village of Torre Pacheco. The towers were a significant defensive structure in this region, serving both as defence against Berber attack and as a means of communication with more distant settlements. Many of these country mansions and villages bear shields bearing witness to the noble origins of their owners.


During the 19th C. there was a boom in windmill construction in the area and, indeed, in the whole 'Campo de Cartagena'. In the district of Torre Pacheco 14 such windmills still stand, 10 having only the the shell of the building and the other 4 in perfect condition after recent restoration work. The annual Fiestas take place in October and honour Our Lady of the Rosary. August sees the celebration of the 'Melon Festival', given the importance of melon production in the area, and also worth mentioning is the Flamenco Song Festival in the nearby village of Lo Ferro. The warmth of the locals makes for an enjoyable stay for visitors to the district.