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Fuente Alamo de Murcia

Fuente Alamo is situated only 35 kms away from the regional capital, well communicated by road and with a rather good climate all year round...all of this and its proximity to the coast, make this place a fantastic destination for our rural holidays.

Fuente ÁlamoThe history of this place dates back to Roman times, although it was in the middle ages, after the conquest of Granada by the Catholic Kings, when Fuente Alamo originated and the Kingdom of Murcia stabilised.

In Fuente Alamo, apart from celebrating Christmas and Easter, there’s another festivity on the 28th of August in honour of St. Augustine. It’s the most most popular festivity of around the area and all foreigners are welcome.


Where is Fuente Alamo?

Find its location on the map below:

How to get to Fuente Alamo from Murcia

A car hire in Murcia will allow you to get to Fuente Alamo in approximately a 45-minute drive along the Mediterranean highway and then taking the Cartagena bypass.