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AlbaránThe city of Abarán is situated in the Ricote Valley, between mountains and fruit groves. Although archaeological remains from the Bronze Age exist, the most important information about this town dates back to the reconquest, under the Order of Saint James, when, after suffering a significant drop in population, Moorish families from Hellin repopulated this area. Among the most outstanding of its buildings are: the Church of St. Pablo; The Sanctuary of la Virgen del Oro, which is to be found in the hills which bear that very name; and the Hermitage of the Holy Saints of Doctors, St. Cosme and St. Damian, the patron saints of the town. The walk up to the Hermitage is a must for any traveller who wishes to enjoy a beautiful view of the valley and the Pila Range, a beauty spot which Abaran shares with other towns in the surrounding area. Albaran's beauty is complete once one has seen the water wheels, many of them still in working order. The route along which they are visited enables us to appreciate the irrigation system which our ancestors put to such good use. Another principal attractions of this town is the traditions and beauty of the Ricote Valley.