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Mazarron is a city in Murcia with a great tourist attraction and a unique archaeological site, the oldest Phoenician ships in the world, amongst them, a flotsam from the 7th century B.C. Beneath these waters lie ships that got caught in the history, with its cargo of Ivory, ingots of tin and copper, ceramics/pottery...

MazarrónMazarron is an internationally renowned city for its archaeological findings, and with more than 35 kilometres of unspoilt beaches and coves, it’s a delight for those who seek to sunbathe and cool off in these Mediterranean crystal-clear waters, as well as for those looking to discover more about our past.

In the city of Mazarron you’ll find the taste of the area’s typical gastronomy, you’ll enjoy the natural scenery sculpted by the elements and the pass of time in the enchanted city, and if you want to learn more about Murcia, take a tour around the outskirts visiting our guide or using the car, there’s so much to see in Mazarron and in the whole of Murcia.

How to get to Mazarron

The bus service from Murcia airport is not very regular, which is why a taxi or a car hire could be the best option

From the San Javier airport, you can get to Mazarron by taking the Cartagena motorway and then Cartagena’s national 332 to Mazarron Port.

From the Alicante airport, you must take the motorway to Murcia first and then the motorway to Almeria and Granada. You must turn off at the 627B exit in Alhama and from here keep driving for about 25 kms until you reach the Mazarron Port.

If you want to fully enjoy your visit, we recommend to hire a car in Murcia or at the airport....and of course, a visit to Mazarron.