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Moratalla is situated on a panoramic hilltop crowned by the remains of a castle and its well-preserved Keep, Moratalla could be regarded as one big monumental ensemble with its quiet corners and its maze of hilly, narrow streets steeped in history and antiquity. Rupestrian art of great relevance, together with the remains of Iberian, Roman and Mediaeval settlements, all bear witness to the former occupation of this area. The municipality of Moratalla lies in a mountainous area that has the largest concentration of woodland in the Murcia Region, stocked with pines, holms, oaks and singular junipers, and home to the golden eagle and wild boar.

MoratallaMoratalla city has a noble and solitary landscapes, its abandoned country houses and other secluded localities, the possibilities for nature-lovers are endless: climb Revolcadores (2,027 m), the highest peak in the Murcia Region, visit outlying districts dotted around the remote countryside, discover the charm of the Hermitage of La Rogativa (16th century), walk up the Benamor river with its crystal-clear waters, or admire the Roman bridge over the Alharabe. This generous offer is complemented by over a hundred possibilities of rural accommodation.