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AledoWe can find the city of Aledo in a strategically placed and controlling the valley of the Guadalentín, rich in ceramic and pottery-making tradition, and still maintaining the old arts and use of local natural resources. During the Islamic period it was converted into a fortress and held out against Christian forces until the 12th century, when it was taken by troops led by Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, better-known nowadays under the name of ´El Cid´. Aledo is also famous for giving hospitality to King Alphonse X, and it was from here that many of his famous Partidas (Law proclamations) were dispatched. Among Aledo´s historic buildings and monuments, most noteworthy are the 11th-century Calahorra Tower, La Picota, a cylindrical brick and mortar construction used as a jail and place of execution for outlaws, the church of Santa María la Real, which blends the purity of the Herreran style with rich Baroque decorative elements and contains Gothic and Baroque-style works of art and sculptures by Salzillo.

Aledo´s location in the Sierra Espuña Natural Park naturally means that Aledo is in an area of great scenic beauty, which nature lovers visiting the area are sure to enjoy.