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Los Alcazares

Los Alcazares is located next to the shores of the Mar Menor, it offers seven kilometres of coastline from Los Narejos to Punta Brava and dedicates a large part of its economic activity to the industry of services and tourism.

Los AlcazaresLos Alcazares' name comes from Arabic word ´Al Kazar´, which means ´palace´ or ´house of nobles´, buildings that were constructed by the Arabs for their holidays and relaxation in this place. Furthermore, the Moors discovered the excellent properties of the water of the Mar Menor, which they enjoyed in the ancient Roman baths that were located there and which they reused. With the Christian repopulation, Los Alcázares became truly important as a port for fishing and trade, given its excellent strategic position.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the inhabitants of La Huerta region of Murcia began to visit this town in August to take the famous ´novenaries´ (a series of nine baths). On the shore, there is a silent witness to the ´explosion´ of this municipality: the Hotel-Spa La Encarnación, which was built in 1904 and which maintains the idiosyncrasies of the beginnings of the last century.