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Murcia University

Murcia University

Murcia has a great historical university. The first university present in the province of Murcia is believed that it was founded in 1272, although unfortunately it disappeared shortly after its construction.

The current Murcia University was founded in 1915, and due to the wide range of degrees that can be studied there, and its increasing number of students, it has been enlarging in size over the years with the construction of new buildings. The main campus is located in Espinardo and houses approximately half of the total students.

Constantly growing, its faculties and colleges have multiplied over the last few years. Although it's a catholic university, one of the few that still remain, it's expected that, in time, these type of institutions will gradually begin to adapt to new times, substituting religion for ethics.

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia.
Campus de Los Jerónimos
30107 - Guadalupe - MURCIA
Teléfonos :
Información: 34 968 27 88 01
Secretaría Central: 34 968 27 88 02
Centralita: 34 968 27 88 00
Fax: 34 968 30 70 66