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UleaThe city of Ulea is a land of contrasts where the verdure of the Ricote valley stands out against the aridness of the surrounding mountains. Its Muslim heritage can be felt throughout the valley in things such as the steep and winding street layout, the murmur of water in the fountains, water wheels, Moorish water storage cellars and the hubbub of folk going about their everyday business. Iberians and Romans settled here, but it was under Muslim rule that the present character of the town was established. Like neighbouring towns it was given to the Order of St James and stayed in their possession until the middle of the 19th century. Places of interest are the church of San Bartolomé , built between the 12th and 15th centuries, La Pila de la Reina Mora, and the Plaza del Henchidor, where the relic of Christ´s cross, ´La Vera Cruz´ is bathed every May 3.

We can say that Ulea, then, is a charming district where the river Segura is fast flowing and palm trees dotting its fertile ´huerta´ give it a certain Eastern feel.